MCE sculpture and Snakes

M. C. Escher

Ceramic sculpture by Brigit Beemster (County Sligo, Ireland)

Photographed by Jeffrey Price with Escher’s final woodcut, ‘Ringsnakes’

“M. C. Escher, as a little boy, selected the quantity, shape,

and sizes of his slices of cheese so that, fitted one against the other,

they would cover as exactly as possible the entire slice of bread.

This particular trait never left him.”

                                                  As told by George Escher, the Artist’s Eldest Son             

Artists’ Market Collection

 MCE cabinet M.C.Escher in front of his tool cabinet in a photo by Hans de Rijk about 1970. The cabinet has been exhibited at Artists' Market and around the world. Escher stored his printmaking tools within, and attached family photos and artwork to his cabinet, including the famous photograph of his printmaking teacher, S. Jessurun de Mesquita (at Escher's eye level in the photograph above his hand, and reproduced in "The Magic Mirror of M. C. Escher). The photo of de Mesquita and a self-portrait his teacher inscribed to Escher are part of our permanent collection at Artists' Market.
Jeffrey and deRijk 

Jeffrey Price with Escher's friend and biographer, Hans de Rijk, in his home in Holland, 2008.Jeffrey is presenting deRijk with a calligraphic ambigram by John Langdon which reads "Escher" one way and "Ernst" when it is turned upside down. Langdon has created ambigrams for many years and is perhaps best known for the remarkable word/inversions that are central to the plots of Dan Brown's books "The Davinci Code" and "Angels and Demons."

 Eschers House

M. C. Escher's house in Baarn

Photograph by Jeffrey Price, October 1989


Escher's studio was in the extension towards the back of the house.

MCE artifacts Artifacts from Escher's home and studio, photographed by his biographer Hans De Rijk. The folded paper sphere at the upper left is in the permanent collection of Artists' Market, as is the table on which the objects are arranged in this photo, which Escher acquired in Rome in the 1920's and remained part of his home throughout his life.
Escher signing Spirals

M.C. Escher signing and dedicating his color woodcut "Spirals" to his biographer, Bruno Ernst. This inscribed example of 'Spirals' is now in the Artists' Market collection.

Photograph by Hans deRijk



Winston Churchill rides through Baarn, Holland, in 1946 after the Liberation of Holland. He is greeted by M. C. Escher, standing over the motorcycle escort. To Escher's left is his wife, Jetta, and to his right is his son Jan. This photograph was in Escher's studio and presented by the artist to his friend Bruno Ernst, from whom it was acquired by Artists' Market where it is now in the gallery's permanent collection.