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Art Conservation
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Jill Britton
An indispensable, multi-dimensional website by Jill Britton, Tessellation Educator Extraordinaire, with links, great Escher Educational stuff, and lots more besides "If you only have time to check out one Escher link, make it this one!"

MOMA: What is a Print?
This is a very nice interactive explanation of printmaking techniques from MOMA, New York's Museum of Modern Art

All about light and optics:

Tessellations and Geometry

A fine site about tessellations, by geometrician artist Andrew Compton, with many good links of its own, including information about seemingly every artist in the world doing tessellations.

Simple Instructions for Making Your Own Tessellation!

Ricnus Roelofs
Rinus Roelofs makes remarkable sculptures and animations which relate to illusions and Escher.

Michael Bach
A huge gallery of Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena by Michael Bach.

Landry Art
Ken Landry, the King of Polyhedra, has his own remarkable site, with poly-photos and much more.

M.C. Escher Biography
This biography is condensed mostly from the biography written by Bruno Ernst for the book M.C. Escher - His Life and Complete Graphic Work, © 1981, with some material from original essays by M.C. Escher.

Impossible World
Every possible impossible object, with many resources for creating impossible designs, with animations, programs and more. Don't miss the articles on Escher, including wonderful essays about mathematics in his art.

World of Escher
Escher Products, and a cool Escher site.

Wacky Illusions
A great link for many illusions, sent to me by Ms. Walter's class.

The best site on illusions is "Illusionworks."

Fun Visual Tricks & Optical Illusions
Danielle, a student in Mesa Valley School District in Colorado suggested this resource

The M. C. Escher Foundation & The M. C Escher Company
The website of the M. C. Escher Foundation and The M. C. Escher Company: the copyright and trademark holder for M. C. Escher's art.